Evan Spong

A degree qualified Naval Architect, combined with a Masters and PhD in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Evan has over 28 years of engineering design and management experience across both the commercial and defence maritime environments. His experience includes 14 years in the design and project management of High-Speed Passenger Ferries and Luxury Motor Yachts, 4 years in the Americas Cup working as a specialist CFD engineer in Italian and New Zealand teams, and 10 years in Defence as both a Systems Technical Authority working across FFGs, ANZACs and LHDs and as a Chief Engineer within a System Program Office responsible for the establishment and management of a Seaworthiness Governance and Assurance Framework.

For Evan, satisfaction and purpose in his work derived from finding that upward trajectory along a steep and stimulating learning curve. At ADROITA, that’s all about the challenge of bringing new and novel technologies to bear on old problems.

Evan’s superpower is the ability to take a complex situation or problem and break it down to a simple every-day analogy. He grounds analogies in every-day terms to help communicate the core of the problem and open the door to solutions.


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