Kosta Pavlovic

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This week we would like to introduce you to one of our undergraduate engineers, Kosta Pavlovic. To deliver on our core purpose of #EngineeringSuccessforSovereignCapability, we believe that we need to support and grow some of the Defence and Naval sector's engineers of the future. Kosta is completing his Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, and will complete his industrial training with ADROITA. Welcome to the team Kosta, we are excite

What is your role at ADROITA?
Undergraduate Aerospace Engineer

Why did you choose ADROITA?
Working at ADROITA is a fantastic opportunity for me to gain “real-world” engineering experience and work on interesting projects within the Defence Industry. 
I am hoping to complete my mandatory 60 days of industrial training at ADROITA as part of my university degree. ADROITA is a great opportunity to improve my practical engineering skills and put into practice the knowledge I have gained in my last four years at university.

What are you delivering to your client/s?
Currently, I am supporting ADROITA team members with miscellaneous tasks. In particular, I have been involved in the development of a new onboarding process and an improvement request system. I hope to work on a more engineering related project in the near future.

How do you remain connected with broader ADROITA team?
I have been working in the office 3 days a week. This allows me to connect with team members face-to-face which is always better than online interactions. I look forward to team strategy days and other ADROITA events where I can meet the broader ADROITA team in person.

What is your superpower?
My superpower is the ability to learn and pick up new skills very quickly. This has helped me in understanding and solving complex problems at university and at work. I believe I have a real passion for continuously learning and expanding my knowledge.

What do you love doing when you aren’t at work?
Outside of work I love playing and watching all kinds of sport. Football, tennis, basketball, and volleyball are some of my favourites. Playing sport allows me to de-stress and is also a great way to hang out with friends.


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