AUKUS subs webinar – don’t miss out!

AUKUS subs webinar – don’t miss out! image

Over the past month ADROITA has been fielding question after question about what the AUKUS deal means for Australian industry. The decision around nuclear-powered subs, and opportunities in Defence more broadly are on the front pages of all the papers - so we thought we'd put together a free online event to answer them.

If you are a leader in an Australian, British, American or New Zealand technology, services, engineering or manufacturing firm seeking to grow your business or explore new markets, then this event is for you.

💡 Date: 16 March 23
🕛 Time: 1200 AEDT
🖥️ Event: AUKUS, a $9Bn+ Nuclear Powered Submarine Budget and Australian industry? Your Questions Answered!
✔️ Registration link:

ADROITA CEO Sarah Pavillard and Director Industry Strategy and Engagement Timothy Lihou will host this lunchtime webinar to share their insights on what business owners should be doing to position to win Defence work in light of these announcements.

They will be answering:

🤔 What does the AUKUS submarine announcement and $200Bn+ budget mean for Australian industry?
🤔 What’s the opportunity for Australian business?
🤔 How can Australian businesses future proof themselves by securing Defence revenue?


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