ADROITA partners with UNSW’s Capability Systems Centre

ADROITA partners with UNSW’s Capability Systems Centre image

Australian sovereign defence engineering, advisory, and professional services company ADROITA has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra’s Capability Systems Centre (CSC) that will enable ADROITA and the CSC to share research, insights, and expertise regarding digital engineering and nuclear engineering initiatives in the Australian defence sector.

The MOU between ADROITA and UNSW Canberra’s CSC opens new avenues of collaboration in relation to their common interest in strengthening Australia’s sovereign defence industrial base—particularly in relation to emerging areas of interest such as digital engineering, nuclear engineering, and the array of advanced technologies in AUKUS Pillar 2.

“We are very excited to partner with UNSW Canberra’s CSC and explore how we can work together to share our knowledge and develop initiatives to drive the creation and retention of the skilled workforce that Australia will need to deliver advanced AUKUS capabilities such as nuclear-powered submarines,” ADROITA CEO Sarah Pavillard said.

ADROITA maintains a strong interest in developing opportunities for Australia’s small-to-medium enterprises to partner with domestic and international companies to boost the expertise and experience available to the Australian defence sector. The company recently launched a white paper called ‘Micro-Partnerships in the Age of AUKUS’ in the United States on this topic.

”UNSW Canberra and ADROITA share a common purpose in that we both want to enable Australia’s Defence Force to be a world leader in digital engineering and nuclear engineering, and we look forward to building our partnership with ADROITA to help make this happen,” said Associate Professor Sondoss Elsawah, Director of UNSW Canberra’s Capability Systems Centre.

“The AUKUS partnership brings both opportunities and challenges, and by bringing together the expertise and knowledge of ADROITA and UNSW Canberra we will be able to deliver great outcomes for Australia’s defence industry in the key priority areas that require a fairly rapid capability uplift.”

The first joint initiative to be delivered under the MOU between ADROITA and the UNSW CSC was the Inaugural Australian Digital Engineering Summit 2023 that was held at the Australian Defence Force Academy on Friday 17 November 2023. ADROITA and the UNSW CSC collaborated to bring together industry, Defence, national security agencies, academia, and government leaders with an interest in digital engineering to share their insights, network, and create a fertile ground for future collaborations and research.

UNSW Canberra’s CSC is a leading research institute and trusted partner for Government and industry in the area of capability management and all aspects related to the capability lifecycle.

Defence sector engineering, professional services and business advisory company ADROITA was founded by ex-Royal Australian Navy weapons engineer Sarah Pavillard in 2016. The female-led and veteran-owned enterprise is based in Sydney, with employees in Canberra, Melbourne, Wollongong, and Adelaide.


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